NAN CHARACTER: stand's for not a number

But right here, when ever you are seeing an error like " ENTER NAN CHARACTER " or anything related to "NAN CHARACTER"
this simply means that you must be using a wrong device to access the website or application and files are not
displayed correctly.

To simply fix this, all you need to do is to use a recommended devices for registration.

We expect the site to work on even the smallest mobile phone on earth however the guaranteed devices
advised for members to use when accessing the website or application for the first time for registration purposes,
should be a minimum of Blackberry Bold-1 or a phone or a device of its equivalent and above. Using tablets, laptops and
desktop computers you will not have any such problem like
NAN character at all.

(ENTER NAN characters) also mean that you need to probably enter an alphabet and not a number in one of the spaces provided and if this problem continues
please use the recommended device to access the website. a better mobile phone, any tablet or a computer for the first time
for registration is highly recommended.